During your stay


  1. Smoking in all indoor areas is prohibited; the outdoor pagoda is our designated smoking area.
  2. Please do not flush toilet paper to avoid plumbing issue.
  3. Please do not move any interior display, and please turn off the lights, turn off the AC and do not waste water.
  4. Please check whether all doors have been closed properly for better security during your stay.
  5. Please lock your bedroom door when going out, and carry any valuable belongings with you at all times. Jasmine Orange will not be held liable for loss or damage to any personal belongings.
  6. To maintain the quality of accommodations, please keep your voices down after 10:00 P.M.
  7. For verification and recording purposes, please kindly present a personal identification upon checking in.
  8. To maintain the quality of accommodations, please follow the number of persons that can be accommodated in each room. 1,000 baht will be made for each extra person (children under 12 years old can stay for free). Please inform us of the anticipated number of persons in advance.
  9. Please inform us before the start of your intended trip if parking space will be required.
  10. We strictly prohibit the use of illegal substances or any illegal activities, and will immediately call the police if such actions are found.