Jasmine Orange

Jasmine Orange

Listen… Located in the heart of Chiang Mai.

We may not be perfect, but we are one of a kind!

There is an ancient Jasmine Orange that reaches up to nearly one floor in height in our hostel.

This is where we shall embark on this beautiful journey with you…

We have four rooms in our building, and can accommodate up to 8 persons.

The 4 individual rooms are all double rooms, each containing 1 double bed in teak,

with parquet floor, individual shower and toilet, a large teak closet, free WiFi,

40-inch SONY Internet TV, and TRUE cable TV.

There is also a 65-inch curved SONY Internet TV in the living room,

where you can watch your favorite shows.

There is also a kitchen where you are welcome to make your own delicious breakfast!

There is also an outdoor swimming pool that looks all the more magnificent in the nighttime!

Trees of green line the garden, and the pagoda within has wooden furniture.

Besides taking in the beautiful scene and the fair weather, it is also our designated smoking area.

Washing machine and hangers have also been prepared to relieve you of the hassle of bringing too many luggage when traveling with family.

Finally, for visitors who are driving to Jasmine Orange, fear not - our property lets you park up to 5 cars!